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Top 50 Crafting Websites and Blogs

Whether you’re looking for a quick project for the kiddos on a rainy Sunday afternoon or want to start scrapbooking to chronicle your milestones and travels, crafting blogs give you the ins-and-outs of getting handy with paints, felt, glue and buttons. There are also plenty of blogs on this list for crafters who already know the basics, but if you’re new to the subject, feel free to peruse for simple crafts that will help you channel your creative energy like a pro. Top General Crafting Blogs Crafting blogs have blown up and no matter what type of crafting you’re looking to do, the blogs are there to show you the way. It doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby either. Many show you how to come up with neat crafts using household items. 1. Craftzine Blog : This is arguably the #1 source for seasoned crafters on the web. It talks about upcoming crafting events throughout the U.S. and also has incredibly creative crafts to keep crafters busy for practically every holiday that exists.

2. Futuregirl Craft Blog : It’s all knitting at this amazing craft blog. The blogger shows you how whip up everything from fingerless gloves to a case for you phone, all with yarn! 3. Wise Craft : If you aren’t a crafter, this gorgeous blog will make you want to try your hand at it. The blogger in charge makes everything look ridiculously easy and best of all, the results are chic, not kitschy. 4. Craft Gossip : The possibilities for crafting and art projects are endless at this site. Learn how to recycle everyday items in your crafting and watch instructional videos that will help your technique. 5. Craft Test Dummies : This blog is for crafting pros who are looking for reviews on all of the nifty crafting products that exist to make their projects easier to create. Learn how to bind a book and get wild with clay at this fun blog. 6. Pattie Wack : This blogger shares her unique crafting ideas, which are really outside of the craft jobs you see elsewhere on the web. She’s a fan of DIY purses and also has her own range of crafting tools. 7. The Crafts Department : From Martha Stewart, the queen of crafting, comes this blog that covers everything from holiday projects to DIY items for weddings and celebrations. 8. Inchmark : We’re nuts for this crafting blog with chic ideas for invitations and kid’s projects. Not everything you make has be laden with glittery bits and felt. 9. DIY Bride : For brides on a budget or those who love putting a personal touch on a ceremony, this blog offers endless tips for creating invites for every occasion leading up the wedding (and the big day itself) and also reviews helpful apps. We love the part where the blog takes a peak at DIY brides from around the country. 10. Crafty McGee : This crafter works with a lot of vintage items to create innovative items that add that perfect quirky touch to a space. Be sure to check out her Etsy store too, in the event you aren’t ambitious enough to take on a project of your own. 11. Extreme Craft : This blog is brilliant and definitely not for the newbie crafter, unless you’re looking for inspiration. While the projects displayed fall more into the art category, you’ll be amazed at the things folks are doing with random objects. 12. The Anti-Craft : This blog is worth reading just for the laughs it induces. This is a great starter site for crafting newbies, but seasoned crafters will find the content refreshing and far less demanding than those formal crafting blogs (some of them take their”craft” a little too seriously). 13. CraftyPod : If seeing craft bloggers step-by-step process isn’t enough, turn up the volume on this site which offers podcasts over crafting. This site has plenty of simple crafting ideas for kids or those starting out in the hobby. 14. Modern Craft : This site no longer updates, but we had to include it because the crafting ideas are so unique and cool, you’ll wish you had this type of talent. The projects aren’t terribly hard to re-create, so try your hand at these sophisticated crafts that make great art for the home. 15. Make and Takes : This is the blog to check out for simple recipes and craft ideas that the kids can get involved with. We love that most of the projects are fairly inexpensive too, so a trip to the craft store won’t put your wallet over the edge. Top Scrapbooking Blogs Learn proper picture placement and how to choose the right font to express a priceless moment with these scrapbooking blogs that take the shabby chic hobby to the next level.

16. Scrapbook Sisters : Get adorable design ideas for your scrapbook pages from these sisters who are avid scrapbookers and never afraid to share their tips with readers. 17. Scrapbook Obsession : Learn about the best places to shop for crafting and scrapbooking supplies on sale and the blogger even offers organization tips, which are helpful when you have scrapbooking items seeping onto every table in your home. 18. Scrapbook Lady Fancy scrapbook ideas we can actually do ourselves? Sign us up! This blogger had loads of scrapbooking and decorating ideas for making your live a little more lovely. Our favorite tip – putting up framed photos with adhesive putty instead of nails! 19. Paula Kesselring : This site has a lot of crafting kits and tips on how to use them, so if you’re a commitment-phobe, you can try your hand at crafting without having a ton of leftover materials. 20. Creative Juices : Get plenty of inspiration for your scrapbook pages and download free ornate pages to enhance your books. While we these pre-prepared pages aren’t quite as creative, they do make for quick and easy scrapbooking if you’re making a gift. 21. The 24/7 Mom : This blog chronicles a mom’s life, but has a heavy focus on digital scrapbooking. For those looking to reduce the amount of space taken up by scrapbooking supplies, online books are the way to go (and just as gorgeous). 22. Jennifer Fox Designs : This digital scrapbooker shows you how to make your photos a little more fabulous for going in your virtual scrapbook. While you may think slapping a photo on a Photoshop page will do, you’re sadly mistaken. This blog shows you the possibilities. 23. Jenny 743 : Use Google Translator to read this fantastic scrapbooking blog. We love the use of color and life-like texture the blogger uses for digital scrapbooks. 24. Stolen Moments Design : Learn about scrapbooking sales, kits and how to make those kits work for your personal scrapbooking style. There are plenty of pages for inspiration for the new scrapbooker too. 25. DigiTreats : This blogger has amazing digital scrapbooking pages available on the site to add some color and festive appeal to your scrapbook. 26. Digi Free – Craft Crave : At this site you’ll find free digital scrapbooking pages to serve as a lively backdrop for your family’s photos from a trip or birthday party. 27. PapierStudio : This blog shows you how to take digital scrapbooking to the next level. There is so much thought and detail that can be put into digital scrapbooking, so take your time and let the project reflect the event you’re chronicling. 28. Zane-E Scraps : Check out this blog for the latest and greatest pages and extra touches for digital scrapbooks. It’s easier than you think and is a great way to chronicle big events for your family. 29. Scrap Attack Scrapbooking : This blog is penned by a group of designers who love scrapbooking. The use of fabric and texture on these scrapbook pages will inspire you to make your pages as unique as possible. Top Eco and Green Crafting Blogs The great thing about crafting is you can reduce, reuse and recycle. Not every project has to come with new materials, especially when there are so many amazing items in your own home and yard that can be put to use.

30. Crafting Green World This site is all about going green when it comes to your crafts. The various holiday craft project ideas are especially inventive. 31. Craftzine – Crafting Green : This site has a page that leads to all of the archived green crafting articles. It also highlights designers and crafters who are creating eco-friendly goods. 32. Eco Friendly Emporium : Your kids will get a kick of out creating with these fun crafting projects that reuse items you probably have lying around the house at this very moment. 33. Going Green Crafters and Artists : This site hooks you up with designers and crafters who are making a name for themselves while creating green art that won’t damage the environment and reusing every day materials. 34. Fun in the Making : Like a few of the others on this list, this site has chic DIY crafting ideas that aren’t too hokey for real life. Learn how to make your home feel warm with these green crafting projects. 35. Green Upgrader : Upgrade to an eco-friendly lifestyle by making your DIY and child’s crafting projects as green as possible. This website is full of ideas for both and believe it or not, they’re easy to pull off. 36. Ethikl : This site is full of craft ideas, but everything is for sale. Peruse it for crafting inspiration or take the vow to buy handmade, straight for an artist, when purchasing gifts for the holidays or birthdays. 37. Ruffles and Stuff : This fantastic blog has ideas for taking used or unwanted clothing and turning them into something fabulous. It’s more of a DIY blog than a crafting blog, but even those with minimal sewing skills will find a project they can tackle. 38. Team Eco Etsy : This blog displays all of the items from Etsy sellers that are made of reused, recycled or re-purposed materials. It’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. 39. Handmade in Detroit – Green Crafting : This site tracks green crafting events in the Detroit area. Even if this isn’t your neck of the woods, you’ll be amazed at how green crafting has taken off for large craft shows. Top Craft Blogs for Kids Nearly all crafting projects can be modified to suit a child of any age, but these blogs aim directly at kids with fun, easy projects that are easy on your bank account. 40. All Crafts : This site is a free resource for printing out patterns and learning new holiday craft ideas that will keep the kids busy for hours. 41. Busy Bee Kids Crafts : If your kids have already explored crafting, this blog has plenty of ideas they probably aren’t familiar with. We love it because it divies up crafts for almost any occasion – from camping to Christmas! 42. Original Kids Crafts : There’s a craft here for every season, every holiday and just about every type of kid out there. Keep your little ones busy by exploring the crafting projects on this site. 43. Marcel’s Kids Crafts : Your kids will enjoy these innovative crafting ideas. If they’ve tried a lot of the projects out there, introduce them to the wide world of orgami. 44. Martha Stewart – Kids Crafts : From recycled ideas using rocks to paper crafts that young kids can explore with ease, the queen of crafting has a fantastic array of crafting ideas to keep them occupied. 45. Craft Jr. : This crafting blog is packed with projects for kids. There are even food recipes that will get kids in the kitchen and exploring tastes and textures. 46. Crafty Crow : The ideas on this kids crafting blog are so unique, even adults will want to take a try at them! The projects are chic and not so kid-like that you’ll mind them all over your home. 47. Fem Manuals : Use Google Translator to switch this Spanish blog to English or visit their Flickr page for a step-by-step on nearly every innovative craft they post. 48. Dollar Store Crafts : This fantastic site shows you how to tap into your child’s creativity while keeping an eye on your budget. You’ll enjoy the fun ideas on this site and the fact that they can be done for next to nothing. 49. Zaka Life : This site has crafts that are so hip, they can’t be reserved just for kids! That said, they’re certainly easy enough for kids to do and have a fabulous final product. 50. One Pretty Thing : The craft projects on this site are intended for kids to make as gifts and the results couldn’t be cuter! Your kids will have an amazing time putting their heart into a gift and presenting it to the lucky recipient. Craft blogs are a great resource for finding a fun, affordable hobby that can capture your memories or add flair to your home. Most craft blogs update regularly, so be sure to bookmark your favorites and check back regularly, especially during the high crafting season like the fall and winter holiday months.